Patient Stories

Brad’s Story

    In 2015 at 285 pounds, I was tired of being tired all the time and wanted to better my life for me and my families sake. The gastric sleeve has been a great success for me. As of July 2017, more than two years after surgery, I am a healthy 180 pounds. I […]

Nicole’s Story

Like most 30 something year old moms my mornings are filled with breakfast, spills, school uniforms, car pool and buses….having a minute to myself is impossible.  All of this followed by a day of meetings and work only to get home, cook dinner, get the kids homework done, extra curricular activities and the list goes […]

Gerard’s Story

I’ve lost 186 pounds since my surgery. The differences I’ve experienced since this life changing surgery are night and day. I went from an overweight out-of-shape guy who was depressed, insecure, wouldn’t leave the house if his life depended on it because he hated the way he looked to being a guy who now frequents […]