Many people view bariatric surgery as a procedure for patients considered to be “morbidly obese.” However, our practice offers weight loss options for patients looking to lose 50 pounds, 100 pounds, 150 pounds, all the way to 300-400 pounds. According to Nicole, many of her immediately family members struggled with obesity and, as a result,
Discussing bariatric surgery with friends and family can be tough. Many loved ones believe you look and feel fine and that surgery is too drastic for your circumstances. Jason experienced this conversation with his wife when he initially discussed the possibility of having the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. At the time, his wife did not think

Kera & Mikey – Life Now

As Kera and Mikey reflect back on life, they realize how much they missed while suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. They recently went crabbing with their families, and this simple outing meant the world to Kera and Mikey. They could have never done this before surgery. The heat would have sent their sugar through the
Although Kera and Mikey knew bariatric surgery was the best option, they were still scared before surgery. Fear didn’t stop them though! After surgery, Kera and Mikey no longer need insulin shots or pumps. They are healthy, and they recovered from the 45-minute procedure very easily. Within a few days, Mikey was sweeping and mopping