Nicole & Jason – Cravings

For Nicole and Jason, cravings do not exist anymore. Because of the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, their relationship with food has changed completely. Nicole used to love sweets at night before bed. She frequently ordered dessert after dinner. Now, Nicole eats to sustain her health, not to satisfy cravings. Rather than eating until she feels overly
Prior to surgery, Kera’s Type 2 Diabetes controlled her entire life. Her A1C was an 11.5, and she took 11-12 pills every morning. Unfortunately, Kera’s medication routine didn’t end there. Every time Kera left her house, she would bring her “tackle box” with her. Her tackle box had injections, needles, alcohol swabs, glucometers, and cooling
Like many of our patients, Jason researched the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy a lot prior his first appointment. He feared the surgery would cause extensive gastric distress or change his biology. Nicole was more familiar with the surgery and, like friends do, helped Jason understand the surgery simply made “your belly smaller.” Both Nicole and Jason

Nicole & Jason – Recovery

As attorneys and parents, Jason and Nicole do not have the luxury to take extended vacations, so recovery time from the procedure needed to be quick. Initially, Jason and Nicole feared the recovery time would be weeks. They were pleasantly surprised to learn the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy recovery time is minimal. Both returned to work
It’s the simple things in life. As Mikey’s health deteriorated over the years, she became less and less physically able to contribute to household chores or yard work outside. Simply walking outside in the Louisiana summer heat would send Mikey’s sugar through the roof. As a naturally independent person, it was very difficult for Mikey